Tuesday 22 August: first rehearsal

Tuesday 22 August 8 am. On the sidewalk in front of the building where we sleep, many chorists are already there. Some frenches I know, some others belonging to the other choir, Vocalam, I don’t, some people from other countries I’ve seen the day before. Time to meet new people! Yipee! Before the bus reaches the station, the little badges we all wear help to know what the name of each other is and where we come from, it helps to start discussions; even if this is not really required: it looks like we are all on the same page, hungry of getting to know all these new people music gathers here. tuesday01 Reaching the place where the breakfast takes place, here we are! same place as yesterday evening, many tables, almost as chic and beautiful as in a wedding, sitting at tables where we could speak German, Hungarian or Polish if I would be able to; English will fit! Excitation almost replaces coffee, and eating the wonderful continental breakfast is not an issue to discuss with many guys and girls from here or there. tuesday02 In the amphitheatre the number of chorists is impressive. And they say we are not all here yet! Wow! Some music directors introduce themselves, but we really meet and get to know them when their hands are in the air, when after some instants of silence the music starts from more than one hundred of many different people’s mouths, when hundred of gazes are on the same point, and when we follow their direction in this morning of enjoying work together. repetition2
We all have sometimes redden, sometimes worked, in our own countries, all the songs we sing. But changing of conductor is like changing the country where we are: still the same as ours, but some slight differences, some nuances in some different places, some new requests not to breath here or where to make a silence all together, etc. While we work, complicity with my neighbors starts, with some eye contacts, some remarks, some advices…repetition3

Between the conductors too as far as we can see, when we see them discussing how will the day happen, what they think on this or that score part… And how will the week happen. But this is (a lot of) other stories, see the following reports! 😉

Christophe, french singer in VoCE project