After 4 years in VoCE project…

Letter from Seng Sana, member of the Summer Peaceschools, to Mascha Join-Lambert, president:

I was meaning to write because I haven’t managed to thank you in person ever since the beginning of the project. I started this project when I was 18 years old, and now I am 22.
In Bosnia, in Sarajevo, I was not very open to the people around me, as I felt blocked by the language barrier. And you have always been there to help me express and understand.
Thanks to you I began taking an interest in each country’s history, I started to go to museums and events, whereas I would not have imagined going there before. All the prejudices I had concerning these countries have now disappeared, as I learnt how to believe what I see and not what I hear.
I had the opportunity to make many friends all over Europe, I learnt their cultures and their ways of life. Some countries had a very moving history, and we are not taught this at school !
It allowed me to surpass myself, and more importantly to get motivation to speak other languages and talk with them. Though I am still far from reaching this goal, I made a significant progress. Now I am able to understand what is asked, but I can’t answer because of a small mental block : the shame of making mistakes when I talk.
There were ups and downs, but what I keep in mind are the moments of sharing and joy we all had. Since these meetings I am always eager for us to be reunited. And, for each departure there always is grief on everyone’s face, and in everyone’s heart.
Just to tell you that I am happy to have taken part in this project with you, thank you for organizing it. Each meeting makes us better persons. You are always near to guide us in our lives and show us the right path. You saw us growing up and I won’t forget it, and all this is thanks to you, thank you very much.
You only need a tiny seed of hope to plant a whole field of happiness… and a bit of patience to give it the time to grow. We are your seeds, the ones you planted and watered to see us grow up. Thank you very much Mascha.