Summer Peace School in Chambéry

The 4B building is the first one you will see when you get down at the last but one bus stop of the A Line, from Chambéry’s train station. It seems quite insignificant at first glance, doesn’t it ? Particularly as it may keep its shutters resolutely closed when you go and see it…
But don’t get upset, no, don’t. You should rather use the small grey table to read next to the front door. Or go under the nearby trees to perform some Yoga moves, Even wait for a bunch of friends, lay down in the grass, with some music and a notebook.

If you have an artistic sensitivity, find out if you can photograph the poetry around you, using the little you have. Or do a couple of theatre exercises : fall down in slowmotion, distort sounds, play the mirror game and, when you seek some freshness towards the shy 4B building, I hope with all my heart that it will open its door, just as it did for us.
« Us » refers to the Hungarian, Bosnian, Pollish, German and French young adults who took part in the social side of the VoCE project. As for me, I am a young girl who got lucky enough to become a link in this chain.
I lived an actual journey in the 4B building, and I did not even have to leave Chambéry ! This project now represents an experience that left me more grown up, and richer. Because how busy were we during this week !
I met new people, I learnt a bit more about their cultures, their habits, their phrases. We learnt how to overcome the limits of words to understand one another, and this way I made friends. I even caught a glimpse of my future, as I am now welcome to Germany and Polland.

In Saint-Maurice de Rotherens, and during the choirs practice, I have been taught how to really listen. As a consequence, I could open my ears to all the voices surrounding me from then, voices of singers, of dancers, of organizers. Whether these voices spoke my langage or not.
I understood that every human being needs affective links. That it could only be profitable to let useless barriers go away, that is to say these barriers we build each day, to be unnoticed or to satisfy social expectations. This encouraged me to be more tolerant with the others and with myself, to show my affection more often, to take steps towards the others.
We could also benefit from the presence of professionnals, inspired and inspiring, who allowed us to create many things. I think that thanks to them, we truly could feel what the soldiers from WWI had lived, and what peace really means, through photo and video montages.
I also danced, and I felt useful.
To finish with, of course we were not all the time in osmosis. Of course we sometimes had to face tensions, or dissents. But it is no big deal. Because there were very beautiful moments, by which we were all different, but all together. Very beautiful moments, which became very beautiful memories for us all, I don’t doubt it.

Thank you (: