Les jeunes européens réunis à Lublin témoignent

«  All your faces gave me motivation, to get information from others, to speak about my country » (Melina Dzelovic, Sarajevo)

« Wir verstanden nicht immer die Verbindung zwischen Tanzen und Erinnerung. Jetzt wird das klarer.“ (Sophie Rothe, Berlin)

„ My family is from Srebnica. I did not understand why we went to Majdannek towards the end of the week. We needed to be together afterwards, the whole group. I convinced myself that the group does not judge people.   I want to learn languages.” (Hava Bumbolovic, Sarajevo))

“Ich lernte individuelle Geschichten und will nun mehr wissen, zB. über Bosnien. In Majdannek waren israelische Gruppen und ich will mich mehr informieren.“ (Susanne Gramke, z.Zt. Rumänien)

„It was important to experience this feeling of responsibility. And: the French brought freshness to my country at a moment when we need it“ (Zuzanna Wlodarczyk, Lublin)

“Voir le groupe des Français être une vraie équipe, cela donne de la force. » ( NN)

“This was another way of life. I do not want to go home. This is amazing. I do not want to leave. This project changes us. It gives a motivation to learn and be active. I want to show you my life and invite you.” (Natalia Wasala, Lubartow)

“ Let us meet again in Sarajevo. I wish to welcome you better. Let us end where we started in 2014.” (Mirhad Kandzetovic, Sarajevo)

“I was joining a family”. ( Lena Schroeder,Berlin; Ida Tylega, Lubartow)

“Entendre l’empathie des autres concernant les attentats à Paris, c’était important. Voir le camp de concentration de l’intérieur, aussi. «  (Sengsana Phoxaysy, Lyon)

“ It was my first visit to Majdannek. Thank you.” (Carolina Krupa, from Lubartów)

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