VoCE Choristers Soon In Poland

Choristers from VoCE will meet again in Wroclaw, in the South West of Poland, on July 26th, 2016. Wroclaw, the fourth main city of Poland, has been chosen to be this year’s European Capital of Culture. The singers will have the privilege to conclude their singing workshop with a grand concert at the beautiful Conservatory concert hall, whose acoustics should provide a unique setting for the voices of choristers from six different countries. The concert will be held on July 31st, 2016, at 6 pm, up-load the program: ulotka DL3.

Yet other highlights are in store for the singers from Belgium, France, Bosnia, Poland, Romania, and Hungary during their five day stay, such as visiting Lambinowice and its military burial ground, or gathering at the Stones of Memory in Staromiejski Park. The working day will be divided into morning rehearsals in view of the final concert, and into more spontaneous concerts in shopping malls or in tramways, but also into visiting the city and sharing friendly and festive moments.

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes the importance of such a humanistic project, offered its support to the Wroclaw choir Cantilena for organizing this wonderful project of human and cultural meetings.

More than 100 choristers will take part in this great event placed under the sign of the Stones of Memory. They will be issued from the Cantilena Choir (Poland) directed by Artur WROBEL, and the Ecumenical Women’s Choir (Poland) directed by Adam RAJCZYBA, the University Choir from Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium) directed by Stefano POLETTO, the Corona Choir (Bosnia) directed by Tijana VIGNJEVIC, Visszhang Choir from Cluj (Romania) directed by Botond MOLNAR, Vocal Ensemble 20.21. and few members of Vocalam (France) directed by Cyrille COLOMBIER and the Ageless Music Lovers’ Choir from Budapest (Hungary) directed by Viktor MAGYAROVARI. Stones of Memory do imply remembrance, but are also an incentive to singing and living together to build up peace.