Address to the audience at Conservatorium Concert Hall, July 31st, 2016

We congratulate our Polish partner Cantilena for reuniting all the “VoCE 14-18”-partners here in Wroclaw. As you will hear in a few moments, they succeeded so well that the spirit of our “voices and ways through Europe” is rushing here among us.
You can see here choirs from six countries, a team of seven conductors, and people from all ages and all walks. In less than one week’s time they managed to mingle a group out of these 120 personalities from Romania, Hungary, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Poland, France and Belgium.

The secret of their performance?
Having thought twice.
Then, proposing a wise program: one about memory , as symbolized by this heavy bundle an artist sculpted in the heart of your town, like the ones that persons carry with them when they must leave home – as soldiers, as refugees, as chased people, as DP’s…loosing their voices and their ways. As it happened in Europe during WW1, the whole of the 20th century, and again today in many places of the world.

During this week in Wroclaw, the singers put their bundles down from their shoulders. They opened them to show and share the contents:  the memory of our life stories, the history of our countries, our grips with the world…
They considered pride and humility, force and forgiving, egoism and brotherhood, all of which featured history of all our countries. They discovered how much each of us strives towards something we all simply call happiness in life.
This week in Wroclaw taught us one lesson only: we must stand together as Europeans against fanatics, fundamentalists and demagogues of all sorts on our continent. We want to live together as the peoples of Europe that share history and their hope for brotherhood in Europe.

Therefore, you will listen to music of memory and of hope.

Mascha Join-Lambert     IMG_4242
Chairwoman Voix et Chemins d’Europe, Chambéry, France
Coordination « VoCE 2014-2018 / Voices from Citizens of Europe » Project