Afternoon at Staromiejski Park

On the afternoon of July 30th 2016, as the sun is shining on Staromieski Park, children are playing, young families are pushing their babies in prams, young ladies are having  a merry picnic.
But something is getting ready…
Some ladies, dressed up as of old, carrying bundles of clothes, are sitting on benches. Tables are brought up, around which people start playing or chatting.
IMG_4023 Some traditional Hungarian or Bosnian songs are heard…
This marks the beginning of the « Stones of Memory » project: for several hours, city residents are going to share these moments symbolizing memory, friendship, music, or simply the pleasure of being together.                             IMG_4009
That way, choristers are able to listen to a lady from Wroclaw bearing witness of the story of her own family. In spite of the language barrier, her participation through words, listening and human exchange is both moving and happy. (to read the story: personalfamilystory)
If they wish, people who are here can also write a testimony of their family memory, or simply leave a trace of their presence in the park, and in this project.

On one side of the lawn, young women from Cluj University Choir(Rumania) lead children and their parents into dancing and singing traditional songs or nursery rhymes. Music and popular traditions show they are just another means of sharing the happiness of family life and celebrating memory.

Further away, you can see some choristers of different nationalities and ages playing an improvised game of frisbee. There are no such things as sport games or intellectual games to meet and share moments of sheer happiness.             IMG_4079

The expression « playing music » is quite meaningful. And singers taking part in the « Stones of Memory » project don’t forget that « playing music » together is their first and primarily hobby.
Another surprise is proposed to visitors in Staromiejski Park: a sound painting performance, a kind of group improvisation based on hand signs. All 130 choristers take part under the leadership of Cyrille Colombier, artistic director to the VoCE project and choirmaster of the French 20.21 Vocal Ensemble. This leads to very personal ways of expressing vocal or acting talents in different sung or spoken languages, which in turn merge with the sounds in the park, water rippling from the fountain, children’s laughter and distant traffic and tramway noises.
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