Journey in Peronne (France)

Already five Summer Peace Schools for the VoCE project!
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This event, which stood between 21 and 27 of the month of may 2017, has been constitued by a work of poetry and theater, in some places of very high symbol and emotion. Péronne, in France, has got one of the most important museum and monuments devoted to the memories of the First World War.
The words written by the Bosnian Young people who took part of the project are the best account of the time they shared together:

War – every war is the same.
Killed, wounded, tortured….
But, in the end, war finished.
Then the only thing left is sadness, pain and wounds that are hard to heal but will pass one day  : you are the living experience for that.
100 years ago you have passed through hell, hate and conflict,
But now you are the leading and brotherly forces in Europe.
After all you’ve been through and what your ancestors thought, today you progress, move forward.
During these few days you showed that to us.
You were spending time together, visiting monuments, talking about the past together. You are well aware of what had happened.
But you, new generations, are together again and keep history not to be forgotten.

But we….
Small country Bosnia and Herzegovina, which lots of people never heard about, we are experiencing sadness for 20 years, and we are counting.
We lost our families,
We are growing up without parents, brothers or sisters.
We try to move beyond but our wounds are still fresh and they do not pass.
Mostly because of our Presidents.
All monuments, cemeteries, museums that we have seen here awakened compassion and sadness within us
And we would love our country to do the same.
How could we show you, one day, our history one-hundred-percent
And make you feel like you made feel us!
We want to tell you that in front of GOD we are all the same, brothers and sisters, and that all children are OUR children, and that all dead people are OUR people.
We think that we must not separate by percentage people who died for their country and freedom.
Therefore we need to raise a monument for them and not allow them to be forgotten.
We hope that our politicians one day will do the same thing, and that they will understand that only if we are together we can do anything good and make a better future for us.
But as long as they separate us, still talking about war and encourage us to hate, we are bound to stay on spot.
Because, even after 22 years, the main question and topic among our political leaders is: “Who is guilty?”
Is that still important?
Guilty – are all the people who created that war…
And after all we are here to uphold the legacy, memory of our dead ones, to rebuild our country but for peace and love among us as decided by a higher force.