Welcome to VoCE 2018!

Two sessions, one of 1 week, in Savoy in Summer 2018 and one of 4 days in Berlin in November 2018, will reunite some 200 citizens from 7 European countries, Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania, aged from 18 to 80.

They will commemorate the end of WW1. Most of the participants are members of the amateur choirs who joined as partners within the “VoCE2014-2018 / Voices From Citizens of Europe” project. They will use the musical language to voice their opinions about harmony among Europeans: they will rehearse a musical creation made of texts stemming from many countries involved in WW1, poetry written by soldiers or civilians during WW1.This poetry is used  by the French composer Thierry Machuel  for his  oratorio « Memorial ».  They will bring their work-in-progress to the public in Savoy, and perform it as a creation in Berlin in November 2018 within the Days for Peace.

While doing so, participants will reflect on the first steps towards reconciliation in Europe that were taken after the war,  but needed 30 years including one more war, before reaching in The Hague a first European chart, in 1948.  Participants will use it’s basic statements as well as their own current professional and citizen’s experience in order to identify actual common issues that they feel should be addressed urgently by the European institutions.

This project will conclude “VoCE 2014-2018” , started in 2014. Half of the participants will be persons between 18 and 80 year old who already have been involved in one of the 14 sessions of the project performed since 2014: in Sarajevo, B&H; Bourget-du-Lac, Péronne,or Lyon, France;  Dinant, Belgium; in Wroclaw or Lublin, Poland; in Cluj or Viscri, Romania. Besides of sessions for music-lovers, there have been sessions for young adults “Urban-Dance”  lovers, called VoCE / Summer Peace Schools. All of these European “artists and citizens” are to mingle during the sessions in 2018. Many of them will wish to continue this European project into 2019.
This project will allow participants to voice their commitment to Europe by creating events for a large public.

 2018 Events:
July 28 – August 5, 2018, VoCE/Summer Peace School in Savoy, France
 August 1 – 5, 2018, choirs’ session in Savoy, France:Participants will share a common program including:
artistic creativity, and its presentation to the public, informally (“downtown -buzzes”) and formally through public concerts on August 3, Chambéry Cathedral, and August 4, Carmes hurch of Pont-de-Beauvoisin, in partnership with the Nuits d’Eté Festival.
Citizen’s days: Lecture given by a French expert in the outcomings of WW1 in Europe, followed by working-parties.
Workshops about the principles laid down by the Congress of The Hague in 1948, updated on the ground of professional and political experience among participants.
Savoy’s Day: discovery of the Italian-French history of Savoy, reception by the Mayor M. M. Dantin MEP, attendance of Maison de l’Europe Albertville.

-November 13 – 18, Days for Peace in Berlin:
November 13-18, VoCE Peace School,
November 16 , Hommage to Africa’s  tribute to WW1
November 17 : concert at Gethsemanekirche, Prenzlauer Berg: World -premiere of « Memorial » by Thierry Machuel, a-cappella concert with all VoCE choirs, conductor: Cyrille Colombier, France
« Te Deum » by Walter Braunfels (1882 – 1954), an almost-forgotten German jewish composer who lived up WWI;  orchestra and choir from Berlin, conducted by Thomas Hennig
November 18: concert at Berlin Philharmony: « Requiem » by W.A.Mozart, orchestra and choirs of Berlin Rundfunk, conducted by Simon Halsey, « participative concert » in commemoration of the end of WW1, where VoCE choirs are invited to represent their countries.