VoCE in 2017: never stop singing!

Voices From Citizens of Europe in 2017:  Never Stop Singing!

The first months of each year use to be bone-dry with painstaking fundraising efforts…
Not so in 2017! I just would like to share with you excerpts from some contributions from VoCE -partners to our files:

“One of sections of AKCUS Cultural Centre Sarajevo, the vocal ensemble Corona, is participating in the VoCE project. This Ensemble was founded in August of 1992 in besieged Sarajevo, during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time the girls singing in the ensemble were 13-14 years old. This ensemble brings to other VoCE participants their true and real experience of surviving war or living as war refugee abroad. Talking about horrors and meaninglessness of war is a great part of fighting it, and talking about it with people that have actually lived it makes even greater impact.
It is also important that in the time of growing Islamophobia, an ensemble with several Muslim singers participates in the project. It is good for the audience and participants of the project to meet progressive, talented and smart people, regardless of their religious beliefs.
Ensemble Corona brings love, peace, humour, fun and great music wherever they go.”
Tijana Vignjevic, Conductor, Corona, Sarajevo

« neuer chor berlin » is part of the VoCE project for the first time with the festival in Cluj 2017 as a first activity. In 2018 there will be a VoCE-festival in Berlin.  We shall be part of the organizing team together with the choral association of Berlin.
The choir is part of the VoCE-project because it identifies highly with the aims of the project: to remember World War I (this year especially the year 1917) and to …to find European identity and understanding for each other.
Within the festival of Cluj, there will be many possibilities not only to make music in a European context, but also to gather historical knowledge about World War I and to learn from each other.
In the context of classical music the VoCE-project is a rare chance for obtaining the aims mentioned above and also a huge chance to make publicity throughout music and concerts for the European idea.”
Arndt Henzelmann, Conductor “neuer chor berlin”

“From our beginnings on it appeared that choral music was a good way to connect people. So we had concerts with student choirs from other European countries. When we got invited to take part in VoCE, in 2014, we considered the proposition as a natural follow up to these exchanges. Except that VoCE offers the additional intention to understand why our people have been enemies in the past, and how Culture will help to know each other and hopefully build together a way of peace in Europe.
More than a “one shot”, trough the lectures, the visit of each other countries, the sharing of ideas, the students have a chance to really get a clearer opinion of what Europe should be.
From 2014 on we were associated with the management of VoCE. We could not afford to be in Sarajevo in April but 3 of us attended the meeting in Lyon in July 2014. There we have decided to invite VoCE the following year in Belgium, as 1915 had been a dramatic year for the country. We were in Wroclaw in summer 2016, introducing our friends from the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj, who eventually joined the project.  And Cluj will by the next step on the Ways of Europe!”
Charlotte Messiaen, Chairperson, University Choir, Louvain-la-Neuve

And participants of the VoCE/Summer Peace Schools that reunite young adults step into the projects for 2017:
“Our dansers are very busy but we’ll join Summer Peace School in Péronne because we wish to continue what we helped to build up from 2014 on. “
Meriem Ben-Youcef, Administrative Director, Cie 2nd Souffle, Vénissieux, France
« We are going to introduce a new generation to VoCE Summer Peace School because we want to pay respect to the fact that this project obtained Erasmus+  -support.”
Melina Dzelovic, Education Builds B&H, Sarajevo

There is nothing more to say but thank you for your interest and support: keep on –   singing!

Mascha Join-Lambert, Chairperson, Ass.Voix et Chemin d’Europe

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