Ageless Music Lovers’ Choir

Recently in 2016, a choir from Hungaria has joined the Voce project. Here is a few words about their activities and their conductor: The Ageless Music Lovers’ Choir started its activity in Budapest, September 2014. Our conductor is Viktor Magyaróvári, who, together with the members of the previous choir, Jeunesses Musical, follows the 50 year legacy of our respected founder conductor Gábor Ugrin. Our predecessor choir gave numerous concerts in Hungary and in foreign countries; among others in France, Belgium, Great Britain and Austria. Their renowned performances covered a number of genres, including oratories. The Jeunesses Choir worked with outstanding conductors throughout Hungary; Hungaroton record company issued 15 double LP-s with the choir, and a series of radio and TV programs were made with Jeunesses. The Ageless Music Lovers’ Choir is dedicated to follow these traditions, to safeguard and pass on the values laid down by Ugrin. Along with that, the members, supported by our new conductor, Viktor Magyaróvári strive for keeping pace with the new musical trends, enabling the choir to perform both classical and lighter genres, and also to present the pieces composed by our conductor. Among the recent concerts we pride ourselves with performing Requiem by Verdi in the Basilica of Budapest, Missa Brevis by Kodály in Mathias Church, Budapest, to which concerts a number of famous choir and solo performers contributed. Last summer we gave two successful concerts with the title of „Summer melodies” entwining religious and profane songs, and we participated on Ars Sacra Festival, where we sang chants in a famous church in Budapest. Our last concert in 2015 focused on Advent. In this current year we undertook to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our predecessor, Jeunesses Musical Choir. On this occasion we gave a successful and memorable gala concert in Duna Palace, with the participation of some ex-members of the choir. Viktor Magyaróvári became Ugrin’s student at the Music Conservatory at the age of 13. He realized that Viktor has a special talent and invited him into his choir. Gradually, he integrated him into his work as conductor, thus he became our conductor after Ugrin’s death. Known as Kayamar, Viktor is renowned as the Hungarian McFerrin. His talent made him respected outside our borders too. Not only does he have absolute hearing, but so called Herz hearing too, and his register is more than 5 octaves. Besides singing, he also composes music, representing a unique genre, which incorporates classical, jazz, and popular „light” elements, too. In 2011 he won the composers’ competition, organized by T-Mobile, and in February 2015 he became one of the winners at Noise Festival in England.
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